One time only, one person:
One time only, two people:
All six classes, one person:
All six classes, two people:
Irrigation for Garden
        and Trees
Tree Planting
Soil Preparation
Soil Selections
Seed Selection
Soil Testing
"Pi Intensive Gardening"
"Hardpan Posthole
Pest Control
Making Annuals into Perennials
Everything Else
Read Before You Sign - Paying for Course Constitutes Agreement with the Following Terms

What you agree to when you sign up and what we agree to deliver:

Organic Gardens TLC
1. We agree to provide quality lessons with practical advice
2. We agree to provide a safe place to come and learn but people (our students) must be aware it is a working garden with wire fences, dirt, bugs, ants, etc.
3. We agree to listen to your comments and your questions with sincere interest
4. We agree to reschedule any student to another class time when the class repeats, but we do not offer refunds for uncompleted classes (emergencies or such, withstanding)
5. We agree to listen to suggestions for new topics since not everything can be covered in six (two topics per class) course

You, the Student and your Guest/s
1. Agree to participate in class discussions
2. Agree to attend in a timely fashion (class starts on time - late is a disservice to others in the class)
3. Agree to keep all children home who tend to be unruly
4. Keep all children within 3 or 4 feet of you at all times - failure to keep children in check will terminate your classes and you will politely be given a refund
5. No active cell phones, music players, radios, etc. to disrupt the environment - people want to smell the roses and hear the birds, at least for a little while
6. Agree to ask those "silly" questions that you may be too embarrased to ask - dumb questions are the ones you are afraid to ask...don't be shy.
7. Know that we are a non-profit and the teacher is not paid in any form so any contributions you make go directly into the Center's account to improve it, not someone's pocket.
8. Agree not to sue us for any reason but know you may enter into binding arbitration with a mutually agreeable agency for dispute resolutions
9. Know the Center does not own the facility and needs every penny to survive.
10. Know that contributions will also be gratefully accepted.
Educator Discount, All six classes/two people: Code